Otis does the washing. Practical Life at three - it's not too late.
Home Made Paste

In our home today.

Otis crushing egg shells

Crushing egg shells is strangely satisfying. Otis has recently stopped eating eggs however Caspar still loves them. (Child's Lemon Cotton Apron). 

It was always going to be difficult for me to juggle my time once opening the shop. I didn't want to run two blogs however I feel the need to write more about the shop (as most of my days are spent there) and I feel hesitant to even show photographs of our home or the boy's shelves, what they are doing - here on this blog as all of our photographs include many of our own products. There are a couple of shop blogs that I love even though I've never purchased a product from them. Then I have customers who love receiving updates. So... I will continue to blog here and if you feel there is too much shop content I apologise. However I will also update the shop News, which you can subscribe to on the bottom of the shop page (you will see the RSS Feed link next to the Facebook and Instagram links). The Shop News will contain frequent, regular updates, details on new products and lots of photographs about how to use the products. If you haven't looked in the shop recently you can see all of our new products here.    

Otis washing dishes

Back to today, it's currently the school holidays. Our dishwasher stopped working weeks ago. We are persevering and having it repaired. Weeks later we are still hand washing dishes, while I'm not necessarily enjoying it I think it is good for all of us. (Dishwashing Brush and the 50ml Squeeze Lotion Dispenser)

Otis with clay April 2014

Otis uses clay regularly. While I've been showing Caspar technique for Otis it's much the same - rolling, squishing, cutting, poking.  (Terracotta Clay)

Otis washing table standing APril 2014

Otis washing and splashing with water. (Child's bucket, Apple/Pear Toddler Cotton Apron, and the washing Mitt is a free gift with purchase (while stocks last), with the exception of Free Shipping Placemats and some international parcels). 

Otis washing table APril 2014 at three years

In the past couple of weeks Otis has completely weaned from the breast (hooray, I thought it would never happen) and he turned three, Caspar lost his first tooth and I still have so much to write about!! Talk soon!

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