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Links that have saved my sanity

Link that are saving my sanity

School holidays, two long weekends in a row and I'm exhausted. Juggling this working (from home) and parenting deal I'm often left feeling inadequate. Today I have a couple of really lovely links to share that just might have saved my sanity. 

I'm a little in love with this comforting family/Waldorf blog. I feel so warm inside just scrolling through the pages. Before the school holidays I downloaded the April family rhythms and found many wholesome ideas.  

Working at night I've been listening to the girl next door podcasts. I feel like I have two new best friends! Kelsey (who has a toddler) and Erica (who is approaching motherhood) are hilarious and they are simply so much fun to listen to. 

Approaching winter I needed affordable organic cotton basics for the boys. Blessed Earth really delivered. Amazing prices on organic goodness for babies and children.  

I have been meaning to share this for a while. Kara Fleck (from Simple Kids) on video. Just beautiful - Kara is always so honest and calm. Yes, she homeschools and has four children including a toddler.  

Would you like to share? Any links that have saved your sanity recently?

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