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Otis attends a Montessori school three hours a day, five days a week. I'm very conscious not to double up or interfere with his lessons or learning at school. These are trays the can be found on his shelves in the children's study. They are not categorised, there is no method to our rotation schedule other than I rotate out when he has lost interest in a tray. We don't have 'school' time at home, these are simply in the study for when he wants to use them, which is several times a day. Some trays will hold his attention... Read more →

1. Children's Tableware, 2. Kids Handmade Ceramic Tableware Set - Animal Series, 3. Giraffe Bowl. (This cloud bowl is amazing), 4. Hello Baby Plate, 5. Children's Bumblebee Ceramic Bowl, 6. Penguin, Fox and Bee bowl all sold separately by SKT ceramics. Also checkout Jasminepots on Etsy for mugs and bowls - love this set. For a baby's first or 'weaning' bowl I would recommend a small glass bowl, glass so that the child can see the food inside. But once the child is a little older how about a ceramic baby bowl? There are so many really cute options available.... Read more →

Most of the conflict in our home doesn't come from children just fighting - usually it's because they have difficulty making a decision together and have difficulty finding agreement. Problem solving techniques I have given my children include; one person speaks at a time speak to each other how you would like to be spoken to - no raised voices or angry faces stick it out/persevere - don't walk away upset, work on it until the issue is resolved stay calm - try to control your emotions and tears so that you can continue to communicate try to see the... Read more →

My three year old is curious, busy (always so busy), energetic, independent ("I do it myself!") and often defiant. If you watch a child of three, he is always playing with something. This means that he is working out, and making conscious, something that his unconscious mind has earlier absorbed1. In terms of his learning he is ready, up for anything. Reading, writing, drawing, running, music, nature walks, practical life - he loves it all. The three year old child is in the sensitive period for; Language, Small Objects, Order, Music, Grace and Courtesy, Senses, Writing and Reading2. The three... Read more →

Otis being studious (and quiet) at our nature table. We're a little behind on this but today we changed the calender. Some number recognition work for Otis. Identifying Swirls. I've mentioned this before - it's gorgeous. Caspar and Otis played this all morning. Otis is presented with an item which he identifies using touch only. Otis has been using sewing cards for such a long time but this was his first attempt at sewing buttons. Simple and easy. This was also the first time I haven't taped or tied the thread at the needle end - so he had to... Read more →

At six years old Caspar is well past the sensitive period for practical life. This doesn't excuse him for helping around the home. Non negotiable chores are a bit tough though. Of course if he is unwell, tired or simply having a bad day many of his chores are overlooked. So at six which chores are everyday chores for Caspar, the ones for the most part I don't have to ask him to do, the automatic and expected tasks include; Making his bed. This really includes just pulling up his blankets nicely and putting his water cup (from the evening)... Read more →