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I Love Ceramic Baby Bowls

Creamic baby bowls

1. Children's Tableware2. Kids Handmade Ceramic Tableware Set - Animal Series3. Giraffe Bowl. (This cloud bowl is amazing), 4. Hello Baby Plate5. Children's Bumblebee Ceramic Bowl6. Penguin, Fox and Bee bowl all sold separately by SKT ceramics.  Also checkout Jasminepots on Etsy for mugs and bowls - love this set

For a baby's first or 'weaning' bowl I would recommend a small glass bowl, glass so that the child can see the food inside. But once the child is a little older how about a ceramic baby bowl? There are so many really cute options available.  

From a Montessori perspective a ceramic/clay/earthenware bowl offers warmth, each bowl is unique (just like us!) and handmade. Often we can buy ceramics while supporting local artists and students. Personally I find them more aesthetically pleasing and it's likely they have a reduced impact on our environment. I really like to use and hold bowls, plates and cups that have a really nice and earthy texture. 

All of these pictured are from Etsy (I've ordered number 3) however our local potters society is a fantastic and affordable place to shop. I also love basic earthenware - bowls don't need pictures or illustrations to be  beautiful and attractive to children. I've wished forever to learn pottery - I shouldn't put it off any longer.  

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