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Making Pancakes!

Otis with egg making pancake

Usually when Otis cooks he works up at the kitchen bench (we use the Fun Pod). While this is fine I like to occasionally move everything down to his level. Working at a child sized table means he can move around a lot more and often works for extended periods of time. 

Today Otis cooked the Mini Berry Pancakes from this fabulous cook book. He needed a lot of verbal guidance but completed all the hands-on food preparation and cooking by himself. 

Otis pouring milk for pancakes

Before starting we put all the ingredients and tools on the table. I pre-measured the milk and the flour. 

How we Montessori Mini Berry Pancakes

Cracking an egg, pouring, sifting, whisking, chopping, stirring, mixing, cooking, flipping, serving. 

Otis mixing berries into pancake batter

Otis flipping pancakes

Both of my children insisted on extra sweetness adding honey to their pancakes. 

Otis eating pancake July 2014

And much later - wash up!

Ot washing bowl after pancakes

Success all round. I love an activity which produces tasty treats.

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