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Using Alphabet Cards

Loving Art Cards

Otis with Degas Ballet Dancer Cards

These art cards were recently given to us by a dear Montessori friend. They are so lovely I couldn't help but share them with you. We have two packs of each artist which is wonderful - a set for each child or perfect for a memory or matching game. 

Still Life with Parrot by Frida Kahlo

There are some magazines/catalogues or calenders which offer fine examples of art which are great for studying or framing. These are art cards could also be used as gift or post cards. We are loving using them in many ways! From simply admiring their beauty and uniqueness to studying individual artists. 

Van Gogh book with art cards

These are available at Dover Publications in the US and are really reasonable even with international postage (if you are looking they are in the Card Book section). Also for reference it is Otis (3yrs) using the cards in the top two photographs and Caspar (6yrs) using the cards in the bottom photograph. 

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