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So Awesome Alphabet Cards How we Montessori with printable

I know many of you supported the So Awesome Wallet Card Kickstarter project and many of you have these alphabet wallet cards at home. So I wanted to show you how we are using them now especially as we are using them often. 

Many of these activities could be done with homemade or alternative alphabet cards. It is important to note that Otis attends a Montessori (pre)school where he is introduced to letters, phonetics and sandpaper letters. He knows a lot of letters and their sounds and loves to use the object box at school.

The first time I observed Otis using the object box I was totally blown away. Even though I try my hardest not to - I still underestimate my children.  Fortunately their teachers don't underestimate them at all, they know and see what children, even very young children are capable of. 

I know my role as a parent is to support, to reinforce what the children are learning at school. I see the parent's role is to provide lots of fun, lots of casual learning opportunities and this includes playing a few sound games. Otis is really loving these activities and will often get them from his shelf, tonight he brought a tray to the table and was saying the names of the objects while I was preparing dinner. This is good news and shows his interest.

So Awesome have heaps of new and free resources on their website which support the use of their cards. Above I have printed the Lower Case Letters in the Alphabet Resources. Otis was sounding the letters as he matched them and stopping when he wasn't sure, it was an excellent way of gauging which letters/sounds he knew. 

Otis with o t i s alphabet cards by So Awesome

Otis can recognise his name however when he writes his name he abbreviates it to Ot. We have been using  the cards to reinforce how to spell his name. We worked with the cards over time - arranging and sorting the o t i and s cards in order. It's a simple way of teaching him how to spell his name in full. He knew when his name was correct/the cards were in the correct order however it took a while for him to actually be able to do it.   

Otis writing his name using alphabet cards

From spelling his name it was a natural progression to write his entire name. He had the o and t and i is easy. Obviously for many children s is difficult. He still doesn't get the s correct very often however I know this will improve over time and the sandpaper letters/sand tray and the hand/muscle memory will help.  

So Awesome a card with tray

I made some trays with letters that he knows well. The alphabet cards are fun to use as they have pictures of other objects and have illustrations on the other side. 

So Awesome Alphabet Cards 'b' tray

In Australia we have the Alphabet Wallet Cards here and in the US they are available direct from So Awesome. My last post about Otis writing/pre-writing can be found here

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