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Maria Montessori - a biography for and by children

This is a memorable book that made me feel so proud to support the work of Maria Montessori by having my children attend a Montessori school. Really proud to in some small way be a part of this inspirational story. Caspar was able to read this independently - the text is really simple and easy for children to comprehend. It was written by children for children. I felt it also gave Caspar a really good understanding as to the origins of his school. It is touching to read and is also very empowering to women. She was such a remarkable person and this book tells her story in what I believe is in an authentic way. It is also illustrated by children which is a really sweet touch. Maria Montessori - A biography for and by children

Our Summer Garden

I am often attracted to earthy vegetable/gardening books for children. This is a nice and simple rhyming children's book which  is self published. You can actually see on the author's website how she made and illustrated the book. I love that children can read and feel the book and then watch how it was made - entirely by one person and with a little knowledge - totally doable. A nice read about two children gardening with collage illustrations. Our Summer Garden

How many elephants in a Blue Whale

This book is very high on my all time favourite list. Caspar isn't a strong reader and would rather read blocks of text than an entire book. This book is full of facts and is so interesting. It is a wonderful book for children who have lots of questions about the world around them particularly in relation to mathematics and science with topics like length and distance, time, area, speed, height and depth, temperature, weight, mass and density, energy and power, volume, sound and population. What is remarkable about this book is that it answers the questions of 'how many' in a relatable way. In terms of weight there are 25 elephants in a blue whale! I love the size of this book too, it's a nice size for Caspar to carry or keep in his project folders. How Many Elephants in a Blue Whale - Measuring what you don't know in terms of what you do

For my own reading I have just ordered Candid Classroom - What Parents Want to Know and Teachers Want To Tell Them, by Erica from the girl next door podcast. I can't wait to read this one, although it's not Montessori specific I would love to hear what it is that teachers want parents to know.

Finally I can't leave without mentioning my latest book/collaboration Toilet Learning - The Montessori Way. Meg Hicks wrote this book which was supported by my questioning and pictures. It covers the entire way we approached toilet learning and includes lots of tips and ideas. Even if you are not going the Montessori path with toilet learning I feel this is a good read - knowledge is power! 

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