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Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Otis pouring milk for breakfast

Independence isn't something we can teach. It isn't something we can do on the weekend. We need to live it. They absorb it and it becomes a part of them. Doing becomes a part of their being. It's not just about independence though, being involved in their own food preparation is also about self pride and confidence, empowerment, practical life skills and knowledge. 

Boys making breakfast


Otis adding grated cheese to eggs for lunch


Otis mixing eggs for lunch

Otis serving eggs for lunch

Oits and Caspar making pasta


Otis kneading pasta for dinner

Learning to knead takes time and lots of practice. I'm demonstrating to Otis here.  

Caspar and Otis making pasta for dinner, folding through the pasta machine

Making pasta with children is time consuming and incredibly messy - but it's like magic, turning flour and eggs into one of their favourite foods.

Caspar and Otis making pasta for dinner

It's worth it!

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