Sunday 7 September 2014
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Five Minute Montessori - Sponge and Tong Activity

Sponging activity #1

This is a fun activity for children who enjoy water play. It's great for fine motor skills, hand/finger strength and  coordination. It's also really simple to set up at home. 

We call this the Crocodile Game. Otis and his small metal tongs (from this pack) are the crocodile "snap" "snap" eating the sponge/fish (if you were really clever you could cut the sponge into fish shapes!). It's really just a simple transferring activity, transferring the sponge out of the water and into the small glass bowl

Caspar loved it too - you can see him here.  

Sponging:Small Tongs Activity

Otis sqeezing sponge

Otis with sponging activity in water

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