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In one of my favourite and most useful posts Meghan writes about what we can do at home to support our children's learning at school. I often look back at this post and one of the activities listed came to mind over the weekend as Caspar collected native plant samples during one of our family hikes. We live near Bruce Ridge and it is a wonderful location. So, so beautiful. As Caspar started talking about Casuarinas, Acacias and Eucalyptus I knew we could take this further. Spring is a lovely time to take lots of nature walks and even a... Read more →

How to make an application for enrolment to a Montessori School

When I first called our school to enrol Caspar I was naive. I thought because we had made the decision on schools we would be welcomed with open arms. Recently talking to a couple of other mums in the school car park (as you do!) I discovered that even within the one school we all had different paths to enrolment. However now that we have enrolled Caspar and Otis at another Montessori School and the application process was similar I thought I would share our path. Get on the waiting list early. Firstly many Montessori schools and this applies to... Read more →

Independence isn't something we can teach. It isn't something we can do on the weekend. We need to live it. They absorb it and it becomes a part of them. Doing becomes a part of their being. It's not just about independence though, being involved in their own food preparation is also about self pride and confidence, empowerment, practical life skills and knowledge. Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. Learning to knead takes time and lots of practice. I'm demonstrating to Otis here. Making pasta with children is time consuming and incredibly messy - but it's like magic, turning flour and eggs into... Read more →

This is a fun activity for children who enjoy water play. It's great for fine motor skills, hand/finger strength and coordination. It's also really simple to set up at home. We call this the Crocodile Game. Otis and his small metal tongs (from this pack) are the crocodile "snap" "snap" eating the sponge/fish (if you were really clever you could cut the sponge into fish shapes!). It's really just a simple transferring activity, transferring the sponge out of the water and into the small glass bowl. Caspar loved it too - you can see him here. Read more →

It was Father's Day here in Australia and we kept it really low key. My husband and I have such busy work lives that any time with the kids is deliberately slow - much of the time at home. In the afternoon the boys walked to the playground which allowed me to catch up on some washing but otherwise it was lots of quiet activity. Both of the boys really loved these spiral art drawing tools. I initially purchased them for Otis however he needed lots of practice which showed his perseverance (the top picture is Caspar, directly above and... Read more →

I have briefly mentioned the Toilet Learning Booklet which I have produced with Meg Hicks (from At Home with Montessori and The Child's Space). Meg has been such a wonderful friend and mentor to me. She has a lovely and warm approach to parenting and she is also a really good communicator. Toilet Learning The Montessori Approach is hopefully the first in a series of booklets that we produce together. Meg is also a busy mum, she has a very interesting Montessori story including a couple of fabulous projects in progress. I asked Meg to share her Montessori journey. Collaborating... Read more →