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Sunday 7 September 2014

Caspar making spiral art at 6 yr September 2014

It was Father's Day here in Australia and we kept it really low key. My husband and I have such busy work lives that any time with the kids is deliberately slow - much of the time at home. In the afternoon the boys walked to the playground which allowed me to catch up on some washing but otherwise it was lots of quiet activity. 

Oits using little cog (three years)

Both of the boys really loved these spiral art drawing tools. I initially purchased them for Otis however he needed lots of practice which showed his perseverance (the top picture is Caspar, directly above and below is Otis).  

Otis with more spiral art

Otis cutting with scissors - watermelon

Otis cutting out some fruits. His hands get a little crossed over as he turns the paper around but I love how in these two shots (above and below) he is demonstrating how (with a dominant right hand) how to hold the paper. These images are printed on heavy weight paper so it's not as heavy as card but will hold flat not flimsy like standard printing paper. 

Otis cutting apple out with scissors September 2014 #2

I woke up this morning without my voice. A sure sign it's time to take it easy. Fresh juice was in  order. I had parent-teacher interviews at school last week. Otis does so much practical life at home it obviously shows in the classroom. But at this age/stage there is no way to stop them and I find there is no need to encourage them. They want and should be able to be involved in everything. So Otis basically took over making the  juice. 

Otis chopping fruit and veg for juice

On a slightly similar note I feel forever indebted to our school teachers. Their teachers know them so well, it's the best feeling to have someone else know, protect and help further advance our children. Listening to the teachers talk about Caspar and Otis literally brought tears to my eyes. I'm so incredibly proud of both of them. There is no way you can force, coerce your children and how they behave at school and in the wider community. It's always nice to know the hard work you do at home pays off. I'm not talking academics, I talking about concentration, kindness, generosity, eagerness, interest, ability to work well in a team and  independently, the ability to work well within their own peer driven community.  

Otis juicing September 2014 Canberra at three years

Juice anyone? 

Otis pouring juice

I'd like to give a shout out to Montessori Moms who are celebrating their first blog annivesary with lots of fantastic giveaways. If I haven't mentioned it already you must also read Nduoma, an authentic infant now toddler blog. Although I am not Montessori trained like the authors of both of these blogs it's still really lovely to be a part of their online community.

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