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What I am enjoying online...

Kylie Blog Links Oct 2014
What I have been enjoying online this week...

Raising a Child of Possibility, Hugh - I think you are all kinds of fantastic!

Sources of Unit Blocks by Irene at Montessori Life as We Know It. 

Montessori Moms have introduced Foto Friday - What a wonderful idea when you don't have time for a full post - I might consider this for the future. 

Renee from Sapling House has opened a little Etsy store, I have ordered these. You must check out Renee's learning materials, they really are so beautiful. 

I don't have to tell you how awesome this is. Ball Tracker Tutorial at Midwest Montessori. 

Gorgeous Toddler Washstand by Babs (who is also all kinds of fantastic!). 

I adore reading about the adventures of Lotus and Solu who are both toddlers and wizzes in the kitchen! 

I hope you have a lovely weekend! 

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