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Nests, Fifty Nests and the Brids that Built Them by Sharon Beals

While compiling a list of our favourite nature books I noticed one book stood out - I realised it's not a children's book! The text is small, the language is descriptive and complex. The images and the message it conveys are strikingly beautiful. 

Books tell us of stories far beyond our lands. Often beyond our imagination. How inspiring for a child. 

Create a language rich home environment. Surround yourself in beauty.

Caspar's nest

Although Otis can now be trusted with good books, Montessori from the Start recommends;

In addition to the books freely accessible to your child, keep a supply of books of good literature and beautiful illustrations in a closed cupboard or shelf. These are books for you to read out loud to your child each evening before bed or at a special time during the day. As with the books freely available to the child, these high quality-produced books also reflect reality and introduce him to a further knowledge of his world. It does not matter if the child understands all that you read to him. In fact, no child comprehends on our adult level, even when he is familiar with the words used and the people, objects, and actions described. What is important at this stage is the child's absorption of good language and expressive thought. 

Otis' nest

This books is Nests - Fifty Nests and the Birds that Built Them by Sharon Beals. 

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