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Outside block play at How we Montessori

We love this warmer weather and we've had two consecutive long weekends. The boys have taken their blocks outside - blocks supplemented by some trucks, cranes and later a train track. 

Otis outside block play October 2014

Caspar builds the highest structure he could. The boys are using the blocks for pretend/role play. Caspar calls Otis (on his pretend walkie talkie) and asks for some blocks to be delivered. Otis delivers the blocks (as requested in piles of four) and Caspar pays him (with a pretend card). For both of them they are counting for a purpose, using quantities in a meaningful way. They are organising, sorting and classifying. The are engaging and communicating in context. 

Caspar is also making known things, he talks about creating right angles, measures that his roof is level. He sets the ramp level to his floor and tests it with a car. He is demonstrating his knowledge of foundations, height, symmetry, proportion, weight and dimension. 

Outside block play with Bruder Truck How we Montessori

Both have hard hats but wore them on and off. Otis is reading and interpreting road signs -  recognising environmental print/logos in a meaningful way. He is obeying road rules. Both are also learning through movement and the use of their senses. 

Outside block play add train track at How we Montessori

Young children learn best when something means a lot to them. - Teaching Numeracy, Language, and Literacy with Blocks. 

Blocks are a favourite of children the world over, and are conducive in leading the child to the experience of long periods of concentration, creativity, and happiness. The attraction is that the imagination of the child is set free to create relationships between these physical objects, and to explore them endlessly. Many mathematical and geometric relationships and architectural concepts can be discovered, and physics principles are experienced as the structure gets too tall or too heavy. The child can also work out personal problems by play-acting with blocks, animal models and little people. - Child of the World. Montessori, Global Education for Age 3-12+.

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