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In and outside of our (Montessori) home.

Black Mountain Peninsula September 2014

Sunshine, water, sand, sticks. What a wonderful way to start the day. Our friends recently showed us this location and we love it.  

Corners of our house September 2014

A corner of our home. We had to rearrange this corner, we removed the fish tank that was here. We can't take our fish on our move and Caspar's class is kindly looking after them. Otis is really interested in people, his block work always includes people and he keeps a person (a vet) in with his basket of animals, his play focuses (and has done for many months) on the role of people in our community.  

Otis with the most awesome alphabet puzzle ever

Possibly the most awesome puzzle ever. It's hard to say that we have ever had a puzzle that Otis has been so engrossed in. This is serious work for Otis, it's impossible to interrupt him. He will often say the name of the letter but not always, sometimes you can hear him f, f, fish or p, p, p pig!

Caspar during circle art

Caspar using a stencil to make some circle art. And some good old, much needed, hand strengthening colouring in. 

Caspar colouring in circle art work

We have discovered a really quick and easy method to make butter starting with cream. We left the jar outside to get the cream to room temperature. It literally only took a couple of minutes of shaking for the butter to form. Last time we made butter on the blog was here!

Otis shaking the cream to make butter 2014

It was so delicious - I think starting with a good cream helps - we use a local full cream. 

Otis spreading home made butter (Montessori)

Otis has been doing a lot of language work (see puzzle above). Last night while reading the Bob books he said c-a-t, c-at, cat! Priceless, he is starting to sound words out, I can't believe he is learning to read. I was gobsmacked at how natural and easily he put the letters together. The Bob books are so basic but so wonderful at the same time. 

Otis reading Bob Books 3 years September 2014

Some washing and pegging. 

Otis washing his table cloth

While the sun is still out there is lots of time for relaxed water play. 

Otis using water pump

I love looking back on our day - some time in nature, active indoor learning and unstructured play with lots of reading and practical life in between. 

Otis with water wheel September 2014

It's currently the ACT school holidays however the boys won't be returning to school here. We will meet with our new school principal mid-term however as the Qld term finishes earlier (than the ACT) we are considering taking the entire term off school and starting fresh in 2015. It means homeschooling Caspar for term four, Otis isn't of official school age. We wouldn't call it homeschooling though - just living and learning like we always do. I'd love to hear if you have taken a term off school and if it worked for your children. 

Edited to add: The alphabet puzzle is now available at HWM Shop here. I sought out this puzzle after loving this one from TAG Toys which Neptune used - doesn't it look beautiful!

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