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Learning in situ - it's important!

Otis and Caspar studying birds October 2014

There is nothing really like learning in place. Learning about birds under the trees. Learning about fruit and  vegetables in the garden or at the market. About land forms at the beach!

Caspar talking about beaks!!

The boys have been learning in place a lot in the last couple of weeks. Above Caspar is giving a presentation on the attributes of this beak. Otis is playing, looking and also learning below. 

Otis exploring beaks with Pelican

It's National Bird Week - every day we have focused on finding and observing the birds in our area. We've compiled a list of the species of birds we have seen in each location. With the focus on birds we have  also covered one by one the topics of bird nests, feathers, feet, beaks and tomorrow sounds! It's been easy to adjust these topics to two age levels. 

Caspar and Otis being birds

While both children enjoy being at home - they really need room to move - which makes the physical location learning is to take place even more important. 

Caspar wtih feather October 2014 - collection feathers

Caspar above is collecting perhaps some of the most precious learning materials - gifts from the place and the birds themselves. 

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