Learning in situ - it's important!
What we are reading (and listening to) November.

A new normal

Brisbane Nature Table at How we Montessori

Yay! We made it to Brisbane. We are far from feeling settled (Caspar is feeling very unsettled) however we are comfortable and loving everything Brisbane has to offer. Even the scorching weather - no complaints here. Queenslanders are the most down to earth - laid back and all round chatty people. We have been made to feel so very welcome.

Otis chopping vegetables for dinner Brisbane

A big part of our life right now is finding our rhythm and most importantly enjoying the same things we did in Canberra, enjoying the familiar. 

Olive wood nut cracker at How we Montessori

On moving in day the house was full of boxes and strangers (removalists!). A little audio/listening centre with a few cushions, a few CDs, a basket of play silks and next to that a basket of instruments and a pile of familiar books - created a nice little nook for the boys to play energetically or to sit quietly if they wanted.

How we Montessori Music, Listening Audio centre

The boys study (it's huge!) still needs a lot of organising and rearranging so most of our work has been outside. I have even managed to give Otis a lesson or two. Below the parts of the plant we eat using vegetable matching cards.

Parts of the plant we eat - vegetables

And for relaxation a little guided meditation (Otis is giggling!) at the end of the day. 

Guided meditation on the deck

Let's talk soon! 

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