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Otis with folding cloths November 2014 Brisbane #2

In my last order from Karla I asked her to pop in a set of folding cloths for Otis. I didn't use them with Caspar (although he would have had access to them at school) and I really wish I did. I think I've mentioned previously that Otis has a tendency to rush his work, while enjoying the task he is quick to finish and move onto the next thing. I'm hoping the folding cloths can be just one of many activities where I can show him how slowing down and being accurate/precise is important. 

Folding cloths like this would be easy to DIY, the stitching could be done by hand or replaced by some permanent marker. The stitching/lines are there to guide the child to fold the cloths in several different ways. The demonstration part is easy too - using slow, deliberate movements the child can quickly catch on. And the practical implications in the home environment are obvious, the child can move onto folding laundry, folding napkins for table settings or perhaps origami!

Otis folding cloths #3

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