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Making Montessori a part of every day

Otis sweeping the stairs top

I've mentioned before about Montessori not being something we do during a specific hour, at a designated time, about it being more of a parenting and educational philosophy. Once you get the hang of it, it's easy to make Montessori a part of every day. And to those who are skeptical of Montessori I think the way we live makes sense. 

Otis sweeping the stairs

Gosh Otis loves to sweep and he loves these stairs. I get that cleaning is really satisfying - and that the stairs needed sweeping. Sometimes he makes a rushed effort but today he paid attention to detail. 

Otis sweeping the stairs - bottom

Today he kept on checking the temperature, it was a particularly warm day. 

Otis checking the temperature

Getting his materials from a kitchen drawer. He also has the drawer above this one for his other/baking materials. While we were travelling we really missed him having access to his own kitchen materials and food. I think I heard a million times 'I'm hungry' 'I'm thirsty'. We rarely hear this at home as he can fix these things for himself. 

Otis in his kitchen drawer

Eating while he works. I haven't set this up as something for him to do. He has got the strawberries from the refrigerator, his materials from the cupboard, he is slicing the strawberries because he is hungry. 

Slicing and eating strawberries

Making basil pesto for dinner. I put the ingredients on the board and Otis did the rest - most of the basil was already finely chopped and he put in a little too much olive oil but we can live with that. 

Otis making basil pesto

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