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A fantastic idea for promoting independence - the wardrobe extender!

Caspar and Otis's Hanging Clothes at How we Montessori

When we moved into this house we had a lot of little areas that needed work to support Otis' independence. The children's wardrobe is smaller than in our last house however it is large enough for all of their clothes (Bruder trucks out of rotation are stored at the very top). 

Behind the doors to the left are three shelves. Caspar has the top two. The top one for his personal items. Each child has a shelf for their folded clothes, a large rectangular basket for their shorts and pyjamas, sports clothes and a little basket on the side for socks and underwear. But it was the hanging space that was really a problem. 

In our previous house we (with a dowel and a drill) installed a lower hanging rail (you can see it here). This worked so well for both children. As soon as they could stand they could select their own clothing. But this house is a little different, we don't know how long we are going to be here and I don't want to put holes in the wall. So I folded a couple of shirts for Otis and put them in his basket - the rest of his shirts were left hanging on the top rail with Caspar's clothes (which Caspar is tall enough to reach). It didn't work at all. Otis didn't want the shirts I had folded for him - he always wanted one that was hanging, he always needed help. So Caspar and I would help and get his shirts down. I even put a step ladder hoping he could use that to reach his clothes. It wasn't great. Sunday morning I heard him crying, most upset he couldn't reach his shirts. Ok I got the message. 

For a couple of weeks I had been considering a little wardrobe like this. But the cost and space? It's kind of obvious now - we needed a wardrobe extender. I ordered it Monday and it was here Tuesday (online $10 for the extender and $10 for shipping). I didn't know if I would really like it but it's simple and so easy to adjust. (In the US this looks like a great option). 

Otis was thrilled. It really is the little things!

Otis at three years from How we Montessori

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