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Getting their paint on!

Art Shelves Brisbane 2014

Art shelves - paint Brisbane Dec 2014

Our days have been hot, sticky and often stormy. Our art shelves were one of the last areas that we organised. The study doesn't have any built in storage so we have utilised some open shelving. The boys can reach almost anything. The hot glue gun and aerosols (fixative and adhesive) are on the top shelf where Otis can't easily reach. They have access to lots of paint, pots and brushes. Ready for when they feel inclined. Some days are definitely theme related, the boys will start on something and work on it all day.  

Earth, Jupiter - Solar System Caspar Otis Dec 2014 Brisbane

Caspar loves anything space related and together they painted the solar system. Caspar traced around his magnetic planets and then they painted them in. The planets are in some sort of order - I didn't want to intervene. Caspar uses these magnetic planets and this solar system book

Saturn, Neptune Caspar Otis Dec 2014

Some random plant paintings. I need to find a good book (I'm open to suggestions!) so they can identify what is in our garden. 

Caspar, Otis painting native flowers and leaves, Dec 2014

Painting decorations made from white clay (I suggested and facilitated this one). 

Chritsmas Decorations Dec 2014 Brisbane

I love it when they get their paint on! 

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