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How are you?

Otis working on shapes Dec 2014 with magnets

How are you? We are ok, struggling at times. This whole homeschooling thing has it's challenges. We have toured and Caspar has spent some time at their new school. It's a lovely place, a Montessori school right on the river. Children can attend up to 15 years, which I think is equal to grade 9 or 10. Observing the older classrooms has made me feel really excited for the future, to know that a Montessori schooling doesn't have to finish at the primary level. It's really opened my eyes. I know many people consider Montessori for younger children or even just preschool but Montessori has so much more to offer.  

I wanted to share a few links with you if you have time for some Montessori reading.

Maria Montessori is a wonderful site. I really enjoyed this article by Junnifa - The Best Gifts for the First Year

Here is a treasure trove of articles useful for parents at Montessori Services, lots about practical life and a few enjoyable articles about baking with children. I really hadn't thought about baking with premade pastry but I think Otis would enjoy it. 

I totally freak out when asked to be interviewed and I usually decline! But who can say no to Baan Dek?  Here is an article where I was interviewed by the lovely team at Baan Dek Montessori - Spotlight: How we Montessori

When I look for Montessori (in the home) inspiration I often click over to Montessori on the Double

Here is a sneak peak of how the children's study is coming together, it's actually a really fun space to be in (as pictured below, we recently put a big crafting table in the middle of the room - it's working out well) and Otis (pictured above) doing some shape work. 

I hope you have a lovely weekend!

The boys study #3 

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