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What we are reading December

Your Story. Tell it Well

What we are reading in December, please note this post contains affiliate links. I've been reading DO/ PURPOSE/ Why brands with a purpose do better and matter more by David Hieatt. From the DO/ series of books this is a simple, motivational business/start up book. Short, sharp and to the point!

The Metroploitcan Museum of Art - Shapesjpg

Otis has been reading Museum Shapes by The Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York). A beautiful way to learn and identify shapes. This book introduces children to shapes through the Metropolitan Museum's extensive and varied art collection. We also have Museum ABC which is just as lovely. 

Around Town with Miss Rhonda

Do your children read out loud to you? Caspar has always been against this but as he is at home this term I feel it is important for me to find out more about where he is with his reading, so I can help with the areas where he needs it the most. This is a chapter book that Caspar has been reading out loud, each chapter finishes with the focus words from that chapter. It is a great way for us to go over the words/sounds he is having trouble with. 

Do you have any books on your wish list? These are two I have ordered and hope to put under the Christmas tree - Our Big Home and Good People Everywhere. Have you read these? If they are good I am sure I will let you know. 

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