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Afternoons with Otis

Bathroom - Mini Makeover

Otis washing hand in bathroom Jan 2015

Bathrooms are a room where independence is so important. And yet we let the bathroom slide a little. Thinking, it's ok, the boys can reach, they can see the mirror. However it became apparent that it wasn't ok and there were a few changes we could make to encourage independence and get this bathroom a little more like our previous bathroom

The wall behind Otis isn't fully tiled which makes attaching things to the wall a little more difficult. So we've put a smaller mirror (but it attaches very strongly with a suction cap) on the shower wall, along with a small basket for toothbrushes and toothpaste and occasionally a brush or comb. To thoroughly clean their teeth and brush their hair, apply sunscreen or moisturiser, kids need to be able to see themselves up close. Caspar has started independently flossing so he definitely needs a mirror. 

A low hand towel serves as a reminder to dry their hands. We have a small pump soap dispenser, plenty of clean wash cloths (Otis goes through this pile almost daily), nail brush, freshly made bath salts with a scoop, bath toys and a step stool. I've tried more greenery here but for some reason it invites ants. As I've mentioned previously low soap holders (that attach to the tiles with a suction cap) in the shower. Nothing more than common sense but so easy to skip over. 

Otis brushing his teeth at three years

Otis brushing his teeth looking in low mirror

Any other tips for encouraging independence in the bathroom? I know I've covered this before too, but this is the toothpaste we love and recommend. 

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