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Homemade, 100% Child Made, Valentine's Day Gifts

Home made, 100% child made, bath salts, foot soak gift at How we Montessori

There are a few people in our lives that we don't let know how much we appreciate them (I'm thinking cousins, Aunts). Some are single and some are widows - how nice it would be to send them a small, handmade, child made Valentine's Day gift. Something little for them to enjoy. 

I've purchased baths salts many times (I love using Etsy) and recently I've been using a store bought 'magnesium foot soak'. It didn't take me long to discover these products can be easily, simply and cheaply made at home. And I'm talking no compromise on quality. So I snapped up all the ingredients and put the boys to work. 

Otis mixing bath salts

Otis thoroughly enjoyed himself. Now our study, our vacuum cleaner and my office smell gorgeous!

Otis adding essential oils to bath salts

This type of bath salts is not recommended for pregnant women and children should not ingest it. It can be used as bath salts or as a foot soak. Just a few scoops dissolved in water. 

Otis mixing home made bath salts

I probably should have put the work on a large tray, to catch all the salts that went on the floor and table. 

Caspar and Otis packaging bath salts

Most of our gifts will be sent in the mail, which explains how early/organised we are and the plastic zip lock bags. 

Otis pouring bath salts into jar

The bath salt filled plastic zip lock bags were put inside cotton drawstring bags the children had decorated with fabric crayons and stamps. Ready for the mail!

Packed and ready to send bath salts

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