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Montessori at Ikea

Montessori in the home from Ikea - How we Montessori, ideas for infant, toddler and preschooler environments

A week or so before Christmas we visited Ikea. For the first time - ever. While being overwhelmed in so many ways I loved looking at all of their items which would be useful for a Montessori home. Obviously at a good price point. I haven't tried all of these items, but here are some of my suggestions and ideas for a Montessori home for infants, toddlers and preschoolers. 


Kallax Shelving Unit - Placed horizontally would work for infant/young toddler shelves.

Poäng Children's Armchair -  We need one of these! A perfect place for a young child to sit and read a book. 

Sansad Children's Table - I love that this one is height adjustable and has room for more than one child. Would be an excellent art table and the child would have lots of space to spread out. 

Lätt Children's Table - A child's table for working or for eating. Perhaps as a weaning table if you shorten the legs. 


Måla Easel 

Balancing Bench - This would be great for a gross motor area. I really wanted one of these but out local store was out, perhaps next time. 

Busa Play Tunnel - Again for a gross motor area and particularly good for crawlers. Both of my children loved crawling through - often following a ball through a tunnel just like this. Perhaps for making an obstacle course? 

Mula Stacking Rings, Leka Soft Ball, Mula Hammering Block, Mula Building Blocks with Wagon, Mula Bead Roller Coaster


Stave Mirror - Can be hung horizontally as a wall mirror for an infant. 

Stuva Storage Combination - For independent dressing. I also like this one

Mattress and bed slats. Ikea has lots of different mattresses which would work well for a floor bed. Many mattresses are quite low so that a child (even if they are just crawling) can easily get in and out. Miss Minimalist has some ideas, pictures included on using Ikea products to create a floor bed off the floor. There is another Ikea floor bed hack here

Krokig Clothes Stand - How perfect for hanging hats, coats perhaps even school bags. Great for creating a sense of order in a bedroom or entryway.

Children's Beech Coat-Hangers, Krokig Wall Hook - To make it easy for the child to maintain a sense or order/put away their own clothes. 


Fabler Cutlery Set - This looks suitable for older toddlers and preschoolers. 

Bekväm Step Stool - Suitable as a step stool for older children or perhaps for a DIY learning tower. Example of hacks herehere, here and here

Cutlery Tray - For carrying cutlery for setting the table but this would also be fun for organising craft supplies, pencils or even a painting or cleaning caddy. 

Hand-held Whisk - I'm definitely picking up one of these next time. The side handle and the rotary motion I believe would be great for children although best for preschoolers up - this would require some strength and coordination but would allow a very young child to beat ingredients that otherwise they couldn't. 

Trogen Footstool - Ikea has so many different step stools and you never can have too many. For reaching light switches, higher shelves, basin taps - lots of uses. 

Jar with Lid - These snap lock lids are great for children wanting to use independently.  

Duktig Plates and Bowls - Stoneware for children. 

Sätt Egg Slicer - One of the most simple egg slicers I've seen - and for the young child the simpler the better. Slicing eggs is a wonderful practical life activity for young children.

Duktig 5-Piece Kitchen Utensils - So many uses for these child sized kitchen utensils, for food preparation and other practical life activities. 

Duktig Baking Set - A cute little baking set for encouraging cooking, baking and working in the kitchen. 


Immeln Mirror with Hook - This mirror attaches to the wall/tiles with a suction cup, making it a temporary solution or able to be adjusted to the child's height. Great to have in the bathroom, shower or bath so the child can clearly and easily see themselves when washing their face, brushing their teeth or brushing their hair. All significant care of self activities. 

Stugvik Hooks with Suction Cup -  The suction cup hooks are perfect for the bathroom. Perhaps for hanging bathrobes, bath towels all for making it easier for the child to pack away and tidy after themselves, creating a sense of order.  

Immeln Suction Cup Soap Dish - We have a very similar soap dish which attaches to our tiles in the shower. It's perfect to attach at the child's height so in the shower they can easily reach and put back the soap. 

Lockig Children's PottyTossig Toilet Seat and Children's Stool. All useful for toilet learning, this step stool is good for this purpose as it is anti-slip and is easy to clean.  

Ikea still has many more items that are suitable for a Montessori home. They have lots of baskets and trays, craft and art supplies. Feel free to add a link to your favourite Montessori/Ikea hack or products. I'm always looking for inspiration for our home. Last time I went to Ikea I picked up this swing which the boys adore. 

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