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Montessori Birthday Circles

Montessori Birthday Circle, Celebration of Life Montessori Birthday Circle, Celebration of Life #2

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I'm starting to think about Otis' birthday this year and I'm considering making our own birthday circle inspired by the Montessori Celebration of Life enjoyed at many Montessori schools. I know both of my boys would enjoy this tradition for many years to come. I'm thinking of making a felt mat but I love the wooden suns and of course the candles. These examples are so perfect!

For further information on the Montessori Celebration of Life this article by Marcy explains it well. It's also lovely how each school does it differently. Each school, each teacher, each student makes it their own - creating special memories. This is also a lovely example of how simple can still be beautiful.

P.S. If you have a pattern for a handmade fabric/felt mat and are willing to share please message/email me. A lovely friend has offered to send me a pattern, I can't wait to get started!!

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