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Montessori at Ikea

Rainy Day

Body part labels for three year old child at How we Montessori
This morning I literally searched online for 'rainy day activities for kids'. I didn't find anything even remotely interesting. It may be summer but it's also the wet season. Above Otis puts labels on body parts. As he labelled each body part I gave him some new information about that particular part. This is Otis' body traced, cut out and freely drawn on by him. A great activity for body awareness which children of this age seem to love. 

Otis collecting shells Jan 8 2014

Perhaps the beach? My goodness, this might be one of my new favourite places. Thank you to good friends with good tips - we never would have found this space on our own!

Blubber Jelly Fish Jan 2015

So many new discoveries and new lines of inquiry. 

Walnut shell boats #2

Caspar made these boats intended for outdoor puddles. However the puddles were not deep enough for them to float so he brought them inside. 

Caspar salt painting

Caspar explains to me this is science not art. Salt on watercolours. 

Handmade cards with salt and water colour paint

These paintings (once dried) make excellent gift cards, we have some birthday cards to send out - he has used watercolour paper which is nice and thick. I think the quality of the paper is just important as the quality of the paint.  

Caspar's poem basket

Poems which the children are reciting. It's nice to have cards which they can flick through and read from, perhaps walk around the house with.  

Our Big Home - An Earth Poem

More poetry - reading about the joy of rain and the wonder of our world!

Salt lamp at bedtime

Calm and comforting bedtime stories (this lovely story 'The Weather Dance' is from here). I am reading by the light of a Himalayan Salt Lamp. The lamp makes for a beautiful night light (but it needs to stay on all the time/not be turned off). Have you used a salt lamp before? I'm not certain of the claims regarding health benefits but I love it's aesthetics. 

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