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Awakening Instructions

Today's making and baking required a lot of patience and persistence. I've tried to awaken a sourdough culture many times without success. It's really maintaining the warm/high temperature that I have struggled with. Luckily in our current heat maintaining the temperature of my culture was not a problem. This sourdough was three days in the making but the good news is I have a lovely culture waiting for me to use next time in the refrigerator. 

Otis kneading sourdough #1

Kids and bread baking are a perfect match. 

Otis sourdough #2

I think it's all the time children have spent using play dough that they know their way around bread dough. 

Otis sourdough #3

It turned our great however I'm going to experiment with flour types to try and lighten up the next loaf.

First batch sourdough from starter culture Jan 2015

We have been doing lots of making in the last week of the school holidays however this would be the highlight. Caspar's latch-hook turned from something interesting to do to a test of endurance. In the end he wasn't trying to create he just wanted to get it finished. However it was a very good and new to us way for Caspar to work with his hands and to create something valuable/worthwhile. You can see Caspar at the very start in this post

Caspar with latch hook #1 Jan 2015

Hand strengthening.

Caspar Latch Hook - almost finished Jan 2015

Fine and gross motor movements. 

Caspar's Latch Hook Finished Jan 2015

He was so happy to complete this project!

Caspar's latch hook instructions

Caspar used this latch-hook kit but we purchased it from here (Australia) - I called ahead and they were kind enough to answer all of my latch-hook related questions. I hope you've been enjoying lots of making and baking! 

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