Water and Transfer Activities at Three Years
Rainy Day

What we are making - What we are baking

Otis serving marshmallow - made with honey

I would love to turn this into a weekly series. What do you think? Most families no matter their philosophy do lots of making and baking. Perhaps we can share some fabulous recipes? I found this one via Real Food with Kids (via Instagram) however the recipe is here Rustic Homemade Marshmallows Corn/Egg/Refined Sugar Free at the Urban Poser. It's made with honey and it is absolutely amazing. It's difficult for children to help in the early stages as the honey needs to be heated however once it has set they can do the rest. They can do the cutting, dusting, arranging and serving. Otis totally owned this.  

Marshmallows made with honey - slicing by Otis at three years Jan 2015
Beeswax Candles - in gum nuts at How we Montessori

We are making floating beeswax and gum-nut candles. I'll look for any excuse to use beeswax - it''s a resource that I really love and we always have lots of it in our home. Inspired by the many photos online of similar candles made with acorn caps - we put our own take on it using gum-nuts which we have in abundance - I'm sure walnut shells would work well too. We couldn't wait for it get dark! These looked really beautiful.  

Gum-nut beeswax candles alight in water

Now or later in the week  - please feel free to leave a link to something you might be making or baking. The more child friendly the better!