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Afternoons with Otis

Otis using egg beater

Wow! What a busy week it was. The boys started back at school which meant our days were really full. As Otis spends the mornings at school (he finishes at 12) we have one-on-one time until it's time to pick Caspar up (he finishes at 3). It's been so nice to have quiet, concentrated time with Otis. 

Our afternoons have been spent doing lots of practical life and fun, relaxing work. Above on Tuesday Otis  learnt to use the egg beater - which is genius, so easy for him to use once he got the action and coordination right. 

Otis carrying washing trolley outside

Our afternoons are often filled with washing, cleaning and cooking. Luckily he is more than willing to help. The washing trolley is a current favourite. 

Otis with the washing trolley

Wednesday. Otis has been working with this knitting fork for a couple of weeks and is pretty pleased with the results. For full disclosure he has made a few mistakes, which we are embracing. He wants to make a skipping rope but we'll have to wait and see. 

Afternoons with Otis - Wednesday Knitting at Three Years

Painting is always relaxing. No rules, no instruction just Otis and some pots of paint - and lots of paper. 

Afternoons with Otis - painting

Thursday. I find using our senses in a really directed way is an instant stress relief. We could have used these in cooking but instead we just sat down and crushed the leaves in our hands and smelt them, Otis is also trying to learn their names and using common garden herb cards.

Otis smelling and matching herbs - relaxing activity

Below is one of Otis' current favourite games - the shopping game. It's a little bit of numeracy work (mainly number recognition) but most of all it's fun role play. To make this game I cut out and laminated images from a grocery store catalogue and we use play coins and notes. When Caspar (aged seven, not pictured) plays this game he adds up the items and then gives the correct change. 

Otis play shopping - afternoons with Otis

Friday. The boys spend so much time outside playing soccer, kicking or hitting balls or just chasing each other around. Often Otis takes his balance board outside or just plays quietly with it on the deck. 

Afternoons with Otis - wooden balance board

Otis on rocker board - afternoons with Otis #2

I'm wishing you a happy and successful February!

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