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Indigo Inspirations - Wooden Knitting Fork Giveaway

Knitting Fork at How we Montessori in Tray

A couple of months ago I ordered some materials from Indigo Inspirations. I wanted to give my children (aged three and seven) lots of inspiration for crafting and making. I wanted natural materials that were really beautiful. I picked up the Wooden Knitting Fork with Hand Painted Rainbow Wool, Hand Painted Wool Fleece for Wet or Dry Felting, Wool Fleece Felting Kit (it comes with felting instructions) and some Hand Dyed Wool Felt. But I could have ordered so much more. We quickly tried wet felting which you can see here

I originally thought of Caspar (seven) when I selected the wooden knitting fork. However it was Otis that asked to use it first. Otis has done some French Knitting before usually sitting on my lap and working together. With the fork I started the knitting and gave a bit of a Montessori style demonstration. It was hard for him for the first few minutes. It may be easier to demonstrate with the child sitting on your lap as they can clearly see where to put their hands. It helps if the child has the same dominant hand as you - with Otis I try and demonstrate with my right hand being dominant (he is right handed, I am left). Although Otis does/has changed hands while knitting. Slowly and deliberately I demonstrate in silence. And then Otis takes over holding the fork and slipping off the knots. After a bit of practice he takes over doing the figure eight around the fork and pulling through. 

Knitting fork from Indigo Inspirations at How we Montessori

As you can see Otis' knitting is loose and uneven, tension isn't a word I'm going to use with him just yet. He has dropped a few stitches and has often wound the wool too many times around the fork. No problem - it's really easy to continue, this is a time to relax and allow the child to enjoy the process, enjoy their success. This is great work for building concentration, fine and gross motor skills, coordination and confidence - they can make something really useful and really beautiful. 

Afternoons with Otis - Wednesday Knitting at Three Years

Please note that this is not a sponsored post. I did not receive payment or goods for hosting this giveaway. This is a product that we really enjoyed and wanted to share with you. This giveaway is for one Wooden Knitting Fork with Hand Painted Rainbow Wool

To enter please visit Indigo Inspirations on Etsy and have a look at all of the gorgeous products Jo has on offer. Come back to this blog post and leave a comment in the below comment section. We would love to hear about the handwork/making/crafting you are doing at home or in your classroom. 

Please only one entry/comment per person. The give-away is open internationally and will close on Monday 16 February 2015 at 8PM Australian Eastern Standard Time. 

You can also visit Indigo Inspirations on Facebook and Instagram for more crafting inspiration. Thank you to Jo from Indigo Inspirations for providing this give-away. 

Thank you for all of your comments. I know Jo appreciates all of your kind words. Comments have now closed and the recipient will be notified shortly. 

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