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Otis peeling sweet potato at three Feb 2015

What do your children do while you cook dinner? Often it's the time that Otis doesn't want to be working or playing independently. It's nice to have him by my side and I can always find something for him to do. It usually involves carrots - peeling, cutting. We can always add carrot sticks to a meal. Sometimes he likes to play in the sink but there is always some mashing, grating, peeling, slicing to do. I think this might have been Otis' first time peeling a potato and it took a fair bit of concentration. 

Around the internet I am loving;

The sweetest Montessori sewing cards

21 month-old Charlotte peeling an orange. This is actually quite remarkable, watch her hands!

Fabric designed by a Montessori teacher (here and here). I have some samples now I just need to decide what to make!

I recently purchased this from Etsy and I love it. I wish we had one when Otis was little. So good on so many levels (coordination, fine motor, wrist rotation, hand strength). I wanted to see and hold it before I recommend it, the one we received is good quality and the thread is very smooth. 

The Rhythm Board - a tactile and intuitive way to teach rhythm - Kickstarter campaign.   

This is a really heartfelt post from Sara. 

Otis at three mashing potato 2015

Please feel free to leave a link if you have any recommended reading. 

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