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The team at Brainy Kit recently sent us their Polar Kit for review. Brainy Kits are designed for children aged 3 to six which means this kit suited Otis perfectly! As you can see the kits are heavily influenced by Montessori and the lesson plans would work perfectly in a Montessori home and in many cases a classroom. Stickers, puzzles and a sensory tub - a delight to a three... Read more →

I have just a short post for tonight. I thought I would share some fun links but I have a post almost ready for tomorrow reviewing a Montessori subscription service - so please check back in tomorrow if that is something you would like to read. This weekend Meg Hicks and I joined forces on an Instagram account. Come and see us at kylieandmeg!! It's such a fun process. So... Read more →

It's obviously important that any work we do at home doesn't conflict or duplicate the work done or the work that will be done at school. However as Otis is only at school for half the day (9am-12pm) and there is still a lot of time at home where he is interested in working. I would go so far to say that he is ready for a second three hour... Read more →