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Learning at Home - Letters, Numbers and Shapes

Otis Alphabet Puzzle March 2015 #1

It's obviously important that any work we do at home doesn't conflict or duplicate the work done or the work that will be done at school. However as Otis is only at school for half the day (9am-12pm) and there is still a lot of time at home where he is interested in working. I would go so far to say that he is ready for a second three hour work period. 

Besides the natural environment his undeniable attraction is to letters, numbers and shapes. There is lots of identifying these in our environment, there is lots of 'I Spy' and counting, there is a lot of language work just around these three areas of interest. There is lots of reading, lots of playing all focused on letters, numbers and shapes. 

Learning numbers at snack time Otis March 2015

So I try to facilitate with lots of time for free play with materials to help develop these interests. Where he can select any puzzle he likes - but an Alphabet Puzzle is on offer. An environment where we count at every opportunity and identify numbers all around us. Where shape books, stencils, puzzles, geoboards and pencils and paper are on offer.

Shapes and Stenils March 2015

An environment where he has the freedom to choose his own work and an environment that supports his developmental needs and interests. 

I am also starting to think about the right time for Otis to transition to extended day at school. In Canberra it's likely this would have commenced this term but at his current school not until term three or four. Different school have different policies which makes it incredibly difficult to determine when the time is right for your child. 

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