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Review - Brainy Kit

The Brainy Box at How we Montessori

The team at Brainy Kit recently sent us their Polar Kit for review. Brainy Kits are designed for children aged 3 to six which means this kit suited Otis perfectly! 

As you can see the kits are heavily influenced by Montessori and the lesson plans would work perfectly in a Montessori home and in many cases a classroom. Stickers, puzzles and a sensory tub - a delight to a three year old. 

Brainy Box Penguin Puzzle at How we Montessori

The kit doesn't just contain materials for formal lessons but lots of materials intended for and suitable for free play. The sensory tub we made with the Instant Snow has been on Otis' shelves for two weeks - he has used it every day (we have needed on occasion to add water to revitalise the snow). He loved this stickers which are great for fine motor skills as is the above pictured penguin puzzle. Small model animals are always a hit too. 

Brainy Box Matching Arctic Cards at How we Montessori

Your can see all of the materials included in the kit here. The kits can be purchased individually or as part of a monthly subscription. At our pace I think the kit would last a month - there are seven lesson plans but each with many variations and it definitely leads to further exploration of the theme. 

Brainy Kit Arctic Land Water Air Cards at How we Montessori

All of the materials are at his current skill level with the exception of the lessons differentiating the South and North Pole. I believe this lesson would be best suited to an older child who has a good grasp of geography and will be something we can cover later.  

All of the materials can be used in further lessons and play and their life extends well beyond the month. Most of all I love how easy the Brainy Kit is. The lesson plans and having all the materials present is just the best. It's fun to be able to teach Otis something new without having to plan or really think too hard about it - selecting all the materials, laminating, selecting a book or puzzle - it's all done. I also love the theme, it is very engaging.  

Brainy Kits are $39.95 monthly and are located in the US. You can also find Brainy Kit on Facebook and Instagram

Thank you to Brainy Kits for the opportunity to review this product. It was something totally new to us, we've never really focused on such a theme before and we all enjoyed it.  

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