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I know that a lot of parents of young children think about emotional intelligence. How do we give children the ability to be aware of, control and express their emotions, how do we prepare them for reading other people's emotions, to discrimination between emotions, empathise with others and potentially diffuse conflict? Both of my children have had emotions puzzles in their classrooms and there are books on the topic. But what if there was a resource that covers a wide range of emotions that was also modern and fun to use? I know a many parents would love to learn... Read more →

Have you given much consideration to Grace and Courtesy lessons with your children? It's a topic I haven't written very much about but it's often on my mind. It is more of something we interweave into everyday life rather than something we prepare for and focus on. We build upon it as the child gets older but it's never too early to model. Grace and Courtesy lessons are presented at (Montessori) school but most if not all are best reinforced at home and so relevant to the life of the whole child. As with many skills grace and courtesy needs... Read more →

I love a book that brings my children together. It is a wonderful thing when I find Caspar reading to Otis. So much love! Here they are reading The Animal Book by Steve Jenkins. Steve Jenkins was recommend to me here by a reader - I can't find the comment but thank you for the suggestion! Also by Steve Jenkins the boys are loving The Beetle Book as above and Eye to Eye. All are visually brilliant and engaging. The illustrations attract the children and the information keeps them there. The text and facts are in short bursts which is... Read more →