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Emotions - Children's Wallet Cards

I know that a lot of parents of young children think about emotional intelligence. How do we give children the ability to be aware of, control and express their emotions, how do we prepare them for reading other people's emotions, to discrimination between emotions, empathise with others and potentially diffuse conflict?

Both of my children have had emotions puzzles in their classrooms and there are books on the topic. But what if there was a resource that covers a wide range of emotions that was also modern and fun to use? I know a many parents would love to learn more about children and emotions but don't know where to start. 

In consultation with parents and educators Marie-Claire from So Awesome has developed Emotions Children's Wallet Cards. This is a really unique product, they can be used in a proactive way, as a discussion starter, thought provoker a point of reference at home and schools, preschools and special needs classes. 

Children's Wallet Cards Emotions - photographs  .  Children's Wallet Cards Emotions - illustrationsThe Emotions Wallet Cards feature 36 emotions! Each emotion has been photographed and illustrated.  Genuine expressions are used from real children ages 0 to 13 years.The deck is intended to introduce children and adults to the wide range of human emotions and to help strengthen social-emotional skills, helping young children navigate their way through the social emotional language of the people they meet everyday.

The Emotions Wallet Cards are the same great quality that we know from the So Awesome family of Wallet Cards. Non-toxic (third-party approved for safety, materials and durability), for all ages, made from durable plastic, made in the USA and Montessori-infused. 

The So Awesome Wallet Cards are also known for being modern, colourful and gorgeous. This deck features photography from Rhiannon McCalmont and illustration from Marie Thorhauge. Placeholders have been used here but more about the photographer and illustrator can be found here

Children's Wallet Cards - Emotions

In addition to the Emotions Wallet Cards Marie-Claire has also developed Emotions Scenario posters and an Emotions Companion poster. The posters really extend the use of the cards. Children can study the pictures and match their cards to the poster and in the scenario posters they can study the pictures, identify emotions and discuss how each of the children are feeling. 

  Children's Wallet Cards Emotions Companion Poster
The Emotions Wallet Cards are a part of the So Awesome Kickstarter Campaign. Marie-Claire has also developed new wallet cards including Seasons, Pets and House.  This Kickstarter campaign literally only has a few days to run. I would love to see these cards go into production!      

Funding pledges start at just $1. Kickstarter is all-or-nothing funding for creative products, supporting new projects is quick and easy. The campaign is open until April 29, 11 am EST (US).

If you are interested in making a pledge it is important to note that in the $45 reward you can get all of the the new decks which ship in the US for free or ship $5 world-wide. This is really great value. If you would like to see these cards in your home or school your help is need now. 

 "If you know a teacher, if you know someone in the special needs arena of education, please tell that person, we've heard a lot of need for something like this that is affordable, that is genuine, that is beautiful and we hope to bring all those things to you in this deck." - Marie-Claire from So Awesome.  

You can back the campaign here. Please share this link with anyone you feel might be interested.     

  Children's Wallet Cards House, Pets, Seasons, Emotions 

So Awesome would like to thank each and every backer! If you have backed this campaign I encourage you to leave a comment in the comment section of this blog post. We will select one (1 only) lucky backer to receive a matching reward for a friend, $100 in SO Awesome store credit and $100 SO Awesome store credit for a non-profit or school of their choice. Comments will close 8pm 29 April 2015 Australian Eastern Standard Time.      

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