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What we are reading April 2015

Caspar and Otis reading April 2015

I love a book that brings my children together. It is a wonderful thing when I find Caspar reading to Otis. So much love! Here they are reading The Animal Book by Steve Jenkins. 

Reading the Beetle Book April 2015 #3

Steve Jenkins was recommend to me here by a reader - I can't find the comment but thank you for the suggestion! Also by Steve Jenkins the boys are loving The Beetle Book as above and Eye to Eye. All are visually brilliant and engaging. The illustrations attract the children and the information keeps them there. The text and facts are in short bursts which is perfect for my reader who can only manage small amounts of text at a time. The books don't need to be read from start to finish, the kids can open and investigate any page they like. 

What we are reading April 2015 #2

Home by Carson Ellis is simply charming. The illustrations are charming and the story is charming. "Home is a house in the country. Or home is an apartment. Some homes are boats. Some homes are wigwams…" There is something a little old world and quaint about it. I think it stretches the child's imagination and enhances diversity, knowledge and acceptance of other cultures. 

Nature Anatomy: The Curious Parts and Pieces of the Natural World is a lovely book to have on our shelves for Caspar (7 yrs) who is learning about nature in a bit more detail. Anatomy, life cycles, water cycles - all natural processes are conveyed in image and text. This book is also pictured below. It has been useful for so many of his research projects and it is also very beautiful. The only downside is it is very American - featuring American species. It would be perfect to have an Australian edition. 

Anatomy Nature Reading April 2015

Nature's Day: Discover the World of Wonder on Your Doorstep by Kay Maguire is also worthy of a mention here. It is more of a book that I pull out to read to the children. It is a perfect book for gift giving because of it's presence - it is large (at approximately 30 x 30 cms) and the cover is stunning. Inside the cover the illustrations are simple and nice and take the reader through the seasons and asks us to appreciate the changes that occur around us. I find the book too long to read to my children from start to finish but it's easy to open up to the current or upcoming season.

Nature's Day April 2015

Some of these books are new releases so I hope you enjoy our recommendations. 

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