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One of my favourite Montessori Instagram pages belongs to I Can Do It Montessori - so very sweet pictures of a Montessori toddler class based in London. Should I be worried about what Caspar is reading? Anyone else with children reading crazy books like this? I am assured it is completely normal. Worth reading - Michael Olaf's most recent newsletter on Concentration: Where the Magic Happens. Remember me writing about... Read more →

Evolution is a topic I would always teach my children - no matter which school they went to. It's a topic frequently discussed in our home. I admire and respect the Montessori approach to teaching Evolution (I've enjoyed and learnt a lot previously working with the Timeline of Life) and here are a few Tree of Life materials which I am currently loving. 1. This is a new product and... Read more →

Last year we moved from Canberra to Brisbane. We moved due to my husband's work however he grew up in Queensland (although he's not familiar with Brisbane) and would probably consider himself a Queenslander. At the start of this year (2015) Caspar (7yrs) and Otis (then 3yrs) started at their new school. We home schooled the last term of last year to ease the transition to a new location. Late... Read more →

My little nephew turned one this month. His birthday came at a busy time. We packed some well meaning gifts but I was disappointed we didn't send anything hand made. My sister recently sent me some pictures of a 'posting' toy she had made. Simple cards that can be 'posted' into a hole cut out of a shoe box. It reminded me of all the easy DIY, home made activities... Read more →

Oh this weekend! Queensland is treating us well. No more winter blues. Over the last few weekends we've been hitting the beach after the boys finish soccer on Saturday mornings. It's been a dream. All day at the beach, the boys play happily and with a packed picnic we don't have to move. Otis loves playing in the sand. Literally for hours. Caspar is busy in the water and has... Read more →

Etsy is an amazing place for handmade learning materials. We buy a lot from Etsy because I love the materials and despite not being able to make all our materials myself I love the handmade feel and touch. These are a few of my favourite new finds. Amazing Large Felt Map of World Continents. Wool felt Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle Set. All Kinds of Weather (including Water Cycle) Set. Ocean... Read more →

We can set up elaborate activities, we can buy expensive toys, but what is it that children are really drawn to? Some of the best activities are right at our fingertips, already in our home. I'm talking about practical life. Not all children are attracted to food or kitchen activities. However children in the sensitive period for practical life can and will find satisfying activities in the home - if... Read more →

We've had these books in our home for a couple of months. They are useful for pulling out when we come across a relevant topic. There are a few reasons we find these books so useful. They are the perfect length/size/level of detail and are easy to follow. The books are primarily for parents with children in a Montessori school or school with a Montessori approach. They explain how the... Read more →

I have been making mini books for Otis (above picture from here). He loves them and cannot get enough. I think it's part due to their small size and they are handmade which I feel Otis really appreciates that I made them for him. Most importantly they are hitting that sweet spot - easy enough for him to enjoy and have some success yet challenging and engaging! I love that... Read more →

Bunny ears, bunny ears, playing by a tree, criss-crossed the tree, trying to catch me. Bunny ears, bunny ears, jumped into the hole, popped out the other side, beautiful and bold. Putting shoes on is such an important part of getting dressed. Shoes come on and off many times a day (sand pit, inside/outside, mud, in the car) and the child being able to do this independently is key. Although... Read more →

1. Near North Montessori School. Chicago. 2., 3., 4. & 5. Bozeman Summit School via Blanchford Landscape Group. Montana. 6. Near North Montessori School. Chicago. 7. George Washington Elementary School. A Public Montessori program in the City of Kingston, New York. 8. Montessori School of Beaverton. "The Discovery Garden offers opportunities for flower arranging, matching leaf shapes, dissecting plants and identifying botanical classifications; tasting (fruits and herbs), harvesting and cooking;... Read more →