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Awesome Outdoor Montessori School Environments

Awsome Outdoor Montessori Areas at How we Montessori

1. Near North Montessori School. Chicago. 

2., 3., 4. & 5. Bozeman Summit School via Blanchford Landscape Group. Montana.

6. Near North Montessori School. Chicago. 

7. George Washington Elementary School. A Public Montessori program in the City of Kingston, New York. 

8. Montessori School of Beaverton.  "The Discovery Garden offers opportunities for flower arranging, matching leaf shapes, dissecting plants and identifying botanical classifications; tasting (fruits and herbs), harvesting and cooking; exploration, contemplation and group lessons."

9. Ottawa Montessori School via Earth Scape. Canada. 

I recently visited Indooroopilly Montessori Children's House (thank you Donna and Gemma for having me)  and I loved so many of their outdoor features. I decided to see what other Montessori outdoors environments could be inspiring.  Near North Montessori shows what can be done with very little outdoor space. The climbing wall looks ridiculously fun. Bozeman Summit School and Ottawa Montessori School are also both amazing!

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