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Help me to do it myself - tying shoe laces

Learning to tie shoe laces at How we Montessori Practical Life

Bunny ears, bunny ears, playing by a tree, criss-crossed the tree, trying to catch me.

Bunny ears, bunny ears, jumped into the hole, popped out the other side, beautiful and bold.

Putting shoes on is such an important part of getting dressed. Shoes come on and off many times a day (sand pit, inside/outside, mud, in the car) and the child being able to do this independently is key. 

Although I feel everyday practice is a great way to learn, I would not be comfortable providing Otis with shoes with laces until he is competent tying laces. I don't think he has to have it mastered as pulling the laces tight and tying tightly is more difficult but if he can tie them I would be happy. For the time being Otis will continue with velcro shoes although his soccer boots have laces and we will provide him with lots of opportunity to practice. 

At the moment he cannot practice by himself he still needs lots of help to remember the steps. Watching his hands though I feel his is capable it's just the remembering part. And by practising he will create that muscle memory!

I've decided to stick with him practising with one of my shoes. It has longer laces than our children's shoes which will make it slightly easier (and it's relatively clean). There are a lot of DIYs to make shoes and several versions parents can buy but really, the real shoe is working better I believe than a cardboard shoe would.  

The Bow Tying Frame found at school would be a great help - I really hope Otis is drawn to it and uses it. The five bows allow the child greater opportunity for repetition. The red and white ribbon allow the child to easily differentiate between the two. 

I absolutely love this idea to use a skipping rope to show the child how the tying/bow works. The child obviously needs that hand/finger practice but this is great to show them/to help them visualise how to do it, to get the rhythm going!

Otis practising bow tying at How we Montessori