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Home Made Mini Books - Phonics and Opposites

Otis with mini books

I have been making mini books for Otis (above picture from here). He loves them and cannot get enough. I think it's part due to their small size and they are handmade which I feel Otis really appreciates that I made them for him. Most importantly they are hitting that sweet spot - easy enough for him to enjoy and have some success yet challenging and engaging! 

I love that these materials are easy to make and can be useful to a child for a long period of time. From letter recognition to reading full words. I'm not sure Otis is fully comprehending the concept of opposites just yet either. If I was making them for more children I would laminate, I love how durable laminate is however knowing these are for Otis only I left them as card.

Above is a series for Opposite mini books. Two cards stapled together - however they could just as easily be made as matching cards. Below are Phonics Mini Books (I printed these on card and punched holes and secured with hinged rings). I have made about half the alphabet and I know that I am going to need to make them all. Ideas/inspiration found here. The mini books have been made from pages printed from here

Phonics Mini Books at How we Montessori

Each set is stored in a basket on his shelves. I would love to make some fabric pouches for them. It's so nice to sit down with Otis and read these together. To mix it up a little with some Phonics books I put a wrong letter card in the book - to see if he notices, it always brings a little giggle. 

Otis reading 'v' phonics book

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