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I am Loving… Tree of Life Materials

How we Montessori - Loving Tree of Life Materials 2015

Evolution is a topic I would always teach my children - no matter which school they went to. It's a topic frequently discussed in our home. I admire and respect the Montessori approach to teaching Evolution (I've enjoyed and learnt a lot previously working with the Timeline of Life) and here are a few Tree of Life materials which I am currently loving.

1. This is a new product and it is absolutely beautiful Wooden Tree of Life. If you like this material please click through for further details, I'm sure it would be as amazing in real life. I love how hands on this material is. 

2. Tree of Life Chart (Cladistics). I would love to hang this on the wall (at the child's height!). Not only is it educational it's visually really attractive. A visual way for learning and seeing the Tree of Life at a glance and putting all the information previously learnt together. Available in Australia through Think Education

3. Tree of Life - The Incredible Biodiversity of Life on Earth, a book which we have and previously mentioned here

4. I can't tell you how much I love this site, they have heaps of lovely materials. Kingdoms of Life Connected - Tree of Life Chart (free download however the card sets also a download for this chart can be purchased here). The book Kingdoms of Life Connected - contains the tree of life chart and cards. 

Please feel free to add a link or mention your favourite Tree of Life materials!

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