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This weekend

Otis at Beach May 2015 with bucket and spade

Oh this weekend! Queensland is treating us well. No more winter blues. Over the last few weekends we've been hitting the beach after the boys finish soccer on Saturday mornings. It's been a dream. All day at the beach, the boys play happily and with a packed picnic we don't have to move.

Otis at beach - resting on sand May 2015

Otis loves playing in the sand. Literally for hours. Caspar is busy in the water and has recently learnt how to catch a wave with his body board. 

Otis with bucket and spade on Beach May 2015

Besides body boards the only toys we take are buckets and spades. Most recently Otis has started sitting in this 'w' position. This posture puts unnecessary pressure on his hips and knees but it's a popular way of sitting with children. I think I'll need to talk to his teachers as it's become more frequent - if he is doing it at school too then maybe it has become a habit. 

Otis tracing around Triange May 2015

Caspar made the fish picture (far below) using a fish puzzle. Otis had this idea in his mind and traced around his Toddler Shape Puzzle and then cut out all three shapes. This is such a lovely extension idea for puzzles. Otis has used this shape puzzle since he was little but is still using it. You can see why this is a great activity for preparing the hand for writing - all that coordination and hand/finger strength needed. His pencil grip is looking pretty good too.

Otis cutting out triangle May 2015

This is the picture (below) Caspar (seven yrs old) made by tracing each puzzle piece and colouring/painting it. Much like how  when he was in Cycle One he would trace the puzzle maps and make maps of the globe. He was doing this by four so I wonder if Otis/Otis' school will/does a similar activity. 

Fish Puzzle and Caspar's Drawing May 2015

I love how these puzzles can also be used for anatomy lessons (another anatomy picture here with printed cards). We have two of these Montessori puzzles (given to us from Brainy Kit) and they are more useful for the home environment than I would have thought. They also great language materials - 'gills', 'dorsal fins'. 

Otis matching fish puzzle to drawing May 2015

Otis made Gnocchi at school last week and wanted to make more at home. I think when he makes something at school they do it in a group or have turns - it feels like he wants to make it again at home so he can do it more? I don't know but it happens almost every time they make/bake something at school. Not a problem really.

Otis cutting the Gnocchi May 2015

Gnocchi is really easy to make with children, much easier and faster than pasta and it tastes great - totally child friendly. 

Otis rolling Gnocchi May 2015

I haven't made Gnocchi since having children. I had forgotten how easy it is and it turned out/cooked perfectly, light and fluffy. We must do it again soon. 

Otis chopping basil for sauce, with Gnocchi. May 2015

 I hope you had lovely weekend too!

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