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Montessori Sewing Ideas

Montessori Sewing Ideas - Toddler to Preschooler at How we Montessori

There has been a lot of sewing, thinking and reading about sewing going on in our home. Here are a few Montessori sewing ideas that we are loving.  

1. Sewing Buttons on Burlap at Ann Arbor Children's House

2. Sewing Pouches at Ann Arbor Children's House

3. Sewing Buttons using an Embroidery Hoop at How we Montessori

4. Sewing Cards at How we Montessori

5. Easy Sewing Cards at Mr Printables

6. Running Stitch/Embroidery following a line (Triangle) at Montessori Album

7. Sewing Kit with Wooden Button at Montessori Services

8. Burlap Embroidery (Heart) at Carrots are Orange

9. Free Sewing/Threading with Rainbow Wool and Burlap at How we Montessori

10. Sewing Together using a Tapestry Table at To the Lesson (This is a fantastic group piece!). 

11. & 12. Continent Sewing at Montessori Design (I love how they filled-in the continent). 

13. Cross-stitch Embroidery Exercise at Montessori Services

14. Letter Embroidery at Fairy Dust Teaching (I love combining sewing with some letter work!). 

15. Teaching Embroidery to Kids at DIY Del Ray (This might be my favourite - this is an article from a parent who helped out in her child's Montessori classroom teaching embroidery including the different stitches. This is aimed at elementary students.) 

16. Sewing Heart Pillows at University Montessori School

17. Sewing Lavender Sachets at Pink Pistachio

18. Embroidery following a line (child's hand on dish towel ) at Trillium Montessori

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