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Chameleon interest tray at How we Montessori

I think most children are drawn to the cute board books about Chameleons. Otis asks for A Color of His Own every night, more than once and he knows it completely by heart. He also loves Blue Chameleon and The Mixed-Up Chameleon, all of these are classic and moral stories. 

Chameleons are a little mystical. Otis is obsessed. Stories and beautiful illustrations are one thing but I wanted to share with my Chameleon loving four year old some of the truly amazing, stunning features of a Chameleon that are non-fiction. Because nature is more beautiful. 

Chameleon interest book and facts

First I included a non-fiction book to our collection. The book includes incredible photographs. This is a worthwhile addition to our library. 

I made a Fun Facts about Chameleons flip book. On each page there is a fact (printed on 4x6 photo paper, laminated, hole punched and contained on a hinged ring) about Chameleons. The language I have used is deliberate. No dumbing down of the facts but brevity is key. And the facts are actually interesting! The language it's self could lead to further explorations. 

I also made a Parts of a Lizard Book and printed a selection of images of Chameleons. I included photographs of different varieties and different parts of Chameleons - lots of close up images showing interesting detail.  I selected only the most amazing/clear images - the intent is to inspire!

Many of the facts in the flip book relate directly to the images in the non-fiction book or images printed below. 

Chameleon photographs at How we Montessori

We have seen a real life Chameleon in captivity and it wasn't ideal viewing. The Chameleon looked very sad which of course leads to further discussion. 

The photographs are stored in a little drawstring bag and the tray is on Otis' shelves. It is there for when he wants to use it. He will look and explore or ask for me to read to him. His Chameleon story books remain by his bed ready for the night! 

This has been a lovely journey from story book to real life exploration. 

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