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Today… Matching Activities and More

Activities from Today June 2015

After a morning of running around with soccer and shopping Otis who is slightly unwell settles in to do some work. We are one week away from school holidays and we are starting to plan some outings and activities. It's a good time for me to look at our shelves (for both boys) and perhaps make some changes before the holidays are here. 

Matching International Flags. We have a card at the top of the work mat which allows us to accurately name the country the flag belongs to and to ensure the flag is positioned correctly (right way up). 

A glimpse of our shelves. Felt vegetables (Otis insisted on taking these home from Ikea), Magnetic Blocks, Mobilo. 

Fresh from the nursery (because you can't have too many indoor plants and I love them in the children's spaces), a new plant to pot and a beautiful wooden rainbow. 

Matching animals to their skin/fur/scales. 

Sound matching. Otis is looking at the control on the bottom of the matching sound blocks. 

African animals. We are adding to our African animal collection (our local toy store has Schleich on sale) but have been confused with some animals - checking which animals are African has led us to learn more about this continent. 

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