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Hanging Children's Art at How we Montessori

I've been wanting to try this idea for a while. An area where the children can hang their special feathers, leaves, photos, artwork, letters and postcards. A place where they decide what they want to hang (not the adult) and where they can hang it themselves. 

I think there is something to be said about not displaying children's art - not taking the focus away from the process and putting it on the end result. However there are many special items my children want to display. This is not about the adult making the decision and putting special or attractive art work on display and hanging it on the wall. This is not about the adult pinning up children's artwork out of the children's line of sight - it irks me to see children's areas where all the art is hung too high for the children to see. It is a place for them to put their things, where they can see it and where they can take it down. Without taping things to the wall and without using a pin-board. 

I have seen this idea in many classrooms. I was worried I couldn't handle the messy look, that it would be too eclectic for my taste. But in the children's little art nook it is perfectly in place. The net hangs from removable and clear command hooks. The net is a natural fish net which is available from educational supply stores for this purpose although I have cut it down to size. The children hang their items with little wooden pegs. I can't wait to see how it fills up and develops over time. Our new art area (nook) will be on Friday's What's on our Shelves link up.  

Children displaying their own art at How we Montessori

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